Breath of Fire


Maggie and Chase's baby is now six months old. They've settled down like a nice family with Chase starting his own business. But Maggie is uneasy as she gets the feeling that something isn't right.

When Chase goes missing, she is beside herself trying to find him, especially learning that a woman claiming to be Chase's wife is involved. However, when he shows up in the middle of the night, she becomes more confused.

Then the unthinkable happens. Less then twelve hours after Chase's return, he walks out the door without an explanation, going back to Florida. Maggie tries to seek answers, but Chase is not forthcoming.

Now heartbroken, she is in for more shocking news when she learns he is marrying Brittany, the woman he vowed never to marry for merger. Now heartbroken and completely shattered, Maggie tries to live with the pain. But one phone call from an unexpected source will jog her from her stupor and give her the needed strength to fight. Not only will she fight for Chase, she will have to face one of the scariest people she's yet to meet.

Maggie puts her street smarts to work with the help of her brother, uncle and friends. Will she get Chase back? With her life and those around her in danger, how will she defeat the enemy to bring Chase home? Breath of Fire is suspenseful, intriguing and will have you biting your nails. Get your copy before the price goes up!

His Sacrifice for Love


His Sacrifice For Love is book 1 in the Love's Abandon Series.

A woman of color, one night of passion with a billionaire bad boy and a baby.

This is a story a of love and sacrifice as a couple from two different worlds fight for their love.  A man will sacrifice all he has, including his family to cleave to the woman he loves.

This is a clean read romance with no explicit love scenes and very mild language. If you consider the words "damn" and "hell" strong, then this is not the novel for you. However, these are the strongest words you will find in the book which is suitable for audiences 16 and over.

The chemistry between the couple is sizzling and the suspense nail biting. You will love the H and h, while hating the antagonist.